Al-Nahar [Archives:2003/656/Press Review]

August 4 2003

31 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Extremist attacks a mosque in Yafie, kills eight worshippers and injures 2
– Millions of dollars spent by senior officials for recreation
– Second conference for the Journalists Syndicate postponed
– The White House rejects a Saudi request for disclosing secrets in the report on the attacks on Washington and New York
– Number of officials sent to investigation on charges of corruption

Fathi Abu al-Nassr says in an article that the corruption has become a complicated phenomenon and an impediment to any progress. It has gnawed at most areas of development and curbed their proceeding and has become almost a daily social culture.
It has become imperative for the government to fight corruption in a form not less than fighting terror. Both corruption and terror share the same danger as both of them generate violence. The symbolical violence is the incubator of the material violence before its outbreak. It could be emphasized that the corruption is a bigger terror therefore it is an urgent demand the government has to give it more attention in the quest for a better future. The government should work for holding a national conference for fighting corruption coming out with realistic vision for an ideal strategy to avoid its development into a plague in Yemen.