Al-Nahar [Archives:2004/753/Press Review]

July 8 2004

1 July 2004
Main headlines
– As the army prepare to breakthrough his strongholds, news about al-Hauthy escape to unknown destination
– A bomb thrown at al-A'qil house
– Bajammal proposes rising fines in cases of publication to YR 3 million and closure of newspapers
– The National Bank capital raised to YR 2 billion
– Modernization of the finance ministry's structural system

On the press freedoms dilemma in Yemen he columnist Abdulbari Tahir says press freedoms in Yemen is facing a real dilemma. It is living in a hostile environment finding itself face to face with corruption armed with illiteracy and arrogance.
Presently there is argument rotating around the Press Law no. 25 of the year 1990 that had recognized the freedom of expression and granted to individuals the right of license to issue newspapers and the right to notification of political parties and mass organizations and official institutions. Though the law granted the right to press freedoms, its 116 articles are in the majority based on prevention and usurpation of freedom.
The crisis is n the presence of a special law limiting the press freedoms and imposing chains on the press publication. The more dangerous thing is the imposition of punishments and opening the door to punishments stipulated in other punitive laws.