Al-Nahar [Archives:2004/771/Press Review]

September 9 2004

2 September 2004
Main headlines
– Waiting for cabinet reshuffle
– Security forces intensify campaign of hunting down al-Houthi followers
– Official report discloses violations by the economic establishment on tourist sites in Damat
– Person accused of smuggling narcotics arrested

Columnist Ahmed al-Ramie writes saying with my faith in the right of any people whose land is under occupation to resistance and choosing the means they see convenient , as is the case in Palestine and Iraq. What happens in Iraq of taking hostages ending mostly with beheading them with a large knife according to the non-Islamic way, does offend Islam and the resistance. Most of hostages are either ordinary workers or journalists having nothing to do with the war launched by America and its allies on Iraq.
It can be understandable to have taken hostage an American or a British soldier or a soldier from one of the countries that participated in the aggression Iraq and its people, taking into consideration he is a fighter and his detention would lead to forming a pressuring public opinion among the peoples he or they affiliate to in order to demand their governments withdraw their troops from Iraq. It cannot be understood what would be the benefit from kidnapping Indian or Pakistani workers or a Somali driver unless the kidnappers want to put pressure on their governments that have originally not despatched soldiers to Iraq to be then withdrawn.