Al-Nahar [Archives:2004/779/Press Review]

October 7 2004

30 Sep.2004
Main headlines
– FM minister takes part in meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington
– Intention for privatizing the state establishment of salt
– Workshop on social integration of local councils in Taiz
– Woman National Committee holds workshop for gender in Dahlie

Columnist Hajie al-Juhafi says in an article on the 42nd anniversary of the Yemeni revolution that many achievements have been realized and no one can deny that and the situation cannot be compared to that it had been in the days of the imamate rule. The generation of today feels the existence of roads, schools, and universities. The generation would not accept anyone confiscating their freedom, dignity and prosperity. This generation does not know anything about the imamate and oppression. This generation that hears from fathers about practices and periods of the imamate wonders nowadays about the reason why the state has not imposed its prestige over all parts of the country and why corruption is governing everything. Members of this generation also ask about why there is no equality in the application of the law and opportunities and the reason why the poor and beggars are increasing.
There are many questions in the mind of this generation members. Truly, all realize that the riches and merits of the revolution are very many but those benefiting and entertaining them are few.