Al-Nahar [Archives:2005/803/Press Review]

January 3 2005

23 Dec.2004
Main headlines

– Security arrangements delay ceremony for honoring winners of the President Award

– Sacking 22 judges, interrogating eight and more than a hundred pensioned

– Activity of a woman society in Abs banned

– Dahlie governor gives directives for halting the fencing of tourist lands

– Principal of Maqbali School commits violations

– Planning ministry organizes an annual conference for non-governmental organizations beginning of next year

– Koreans seek trade partnership with Yemen

Columnist Abdulbari Tahir discusses in his article the role of the Yemeni woman. He says there is no area more apparent where deterioration of the Arab human rights than that of the deterioration of the situations of the Arab woman, especially in Yemen. Since the fifties, specifically in the colony of Aden, Yemen has witnessed the emergence of a woman activity through the woman participation in the political movement and joining political parties that were formed beginning of the fifties of the last century. The woman there had had worked in press and took part in intellectual, literary life, and political forums.

After the September revolution in the north, the woman there began to feel her way towards the participation in public life. The seventies were the beginning of openness and emergence of some examples calling for formation of woman societies and organizations in major cities. If the Yemeni unity in 1990 represented a great national gain and advanced step at all levels, it has acted as a setback with regard to the woman rights. All unifying legislatures in the new republic were advanced except for the law of the family; it has been drafted in a backward characteristic abolished all democratic rights the woman in the south has gained. The new law restored the spirit of despotism and discrimination regarding the woman rights. Advance or backwardness of any society or people is measured by the attitude towards the woman.