Al-Nahar [Archives:2005/823/Press Review]

March 10 2005

3 Mar.2005
Main headlines

– The government threatens to sack the physicians on strike

– The president gives his orders of full monitor on universities

– Deterioration of health condition all over the country

– Aggression on lawyers Allaw and Jaabi

– In the wake of arresting Mujaidaa, fears of tribal confrontations between Amran and Mareb

Columnist Abdulbari Tahir says in an article the Yemeni political and information life has for a long time been characterized by demonizing the other

And maybe the inability and absence of freedom have helped that. Yemen is no different from other Arab countries in the prevalence of the mentality of conspiracy and incrimination but maybe it surpassed them because of the backwardness and heritage of the imamate rule and the tribal composition.

He who follows up the media campaign in confrontation of al-Houthi rebellion and the sectarian address would think that the political life has not recovered from the deep wounds of the past. Because the alliance between the GPC and Islah is political and the difference is also political there must be a political reading of it.

The Alliance was established and on the basis of succeeding the sick man, i.e. the YSP and both of the allies adopted the pursuit of regarding as treacherous. They differed, after removal of the rival, on sharing the pie and the Islah went out of rule following elections of 1997.

After the Islah departure from power, it stood in an area neutral between the power and the opposition. It would lean on the Joint Meeting Parties prior to elections for bargaining with its big rival the GPC sacrificing the opposition.

In the experiment of 2003 elections, the Islah had gone too far in the instigative address and signed with the opposition parties the so-called then an agreement of principles and its executive mechanism, which is a program similar to that of toppling the regime by peaceful ways.

Then the Islah tended to bargaining with the rule to accept less than five seats in the parliament. But the heated campaign this time between the Islah and the GPC was more heated and took a personal character.

The GPC has soon backed down from the accusations against the leader of the Islah and sent chairman of the Shura council at a head of a delegation to offer apology to Sheik al-Ahmar. In fact, the political differences that come to the surface every now and then are ascribed in main part to the sharing of the booties and preys.