Al-Nahar [Archives:2005/864/Press Review]

August 1 2005

July 28, 2005
Main Headlines.

– Ba-Jammal Govt. Responsible for Missing 3 Billion YR Due to Corruption.

– Govt. Telling Lies and Decreasing Wages Scale to 15,000 YR.

– Military Camps Holds Dozens of Detainees over Hunger Demonstrations.

Al-Nahar came out with an interview with the Royal Netherlands Ambassador in Sana'a HE. Johan F.L. Blankenberg who confirmed that Yemen needs further economical activities and fighting corruption is a persisting process. He stated that the Netherlands assistance to Yemen reaches up to $30 million dollar annually. Asked about democracy experience in Yemen Mr. Blankenberg said” Yemen has managed to make bold steps since its reunification toward building an open and democratic society so it has become a pioneer in this domain in the entire region, yet Yemen is still an emergence state in this field and it needs more time and support to achieve the democratic transformation and I do believe that Yemen ought to make greater effort so as to maintain its pioneering position, otherwise it might lag behind, so the electoral process in the upcoming elections next year will be a practical tests to the country in this regard.