Al-Nahar [Archives:2005/878/Press Review]

September 19 2005

15 Sep. 2005
Main headlines

– Parliament incapable of holding PM Bajammal and his cabinet accountable

– Negotiations for formation of coalition government fail

– Third batch of al-Houthi followers, among them financiers of the rebel, sent to court

– Yemeni Journalists Syndicate condemns the attack on Arabiyah Channel correspondent

– The government plans eradication of illiteracy of seven million people including two million children

– Sana'a to host conference on Arab democratic changes

– Yemeni-American workshop on technical aspects of WTO membership

– Citizens from Aden: A director-general behind Sairah fire

Mohammed al-Ghubari wrote commenting on the parliament subpoenaing of the government, saying some parliament members have a few days ago tried in vain to confirm the saying that our parliament has a parallel authority and become capable of holding the ministers accountable and even voting non-confidence against them.

He says after a delay of around a week the prime minister and his cabinet attended the parliament hall. The atmosphere surrounding the session was giving the impression that he session would be difficult as if the government was expecting a battle may end in a vote of non-confidence against the government or some of its members. What happened had surprised all.

The prime minister took the floor, a piece of paper in his hand, replying some of the questions that were the axis of a demand by seventy-seven MPs to summon the government. He had read out justifications and answers to the questions on certain topics in defense of his government's policies. The writer says the justifications offered by the government reflected disdain of the government towards those parliament members and the people in general.