Al-Nahar Newspaper faces legal action [Archives:2005/826/Local News]

March 21 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Al-Nahar Newspaper appeared before the Press Prosecution on Saturday March 9. During the session, its Editor-in-Chief Shihab al-Ahdal and its Managing Editor Haji'a al-Hijafi were questioned about a complaint submitted by Mohammed Ahmed Mansour, Member of al-Shura Council, Sheikh of al-Ja'ashin District in Ibb province, over the publishing of news that oppresses locals.

As per the court's summon, Mohammed Mansour considered the news story as libel.

He asked for interrogation of the Editor-in-Chief and the Managing Editor.

Al-Nahar had published news stories, articles and investigations accusing Mohammed Ahmed Mansour of committing violations against his natives.

The Press Prosecution had finished last weeks investigation of a complaint raised by the General Manager of Sana'a al-Thawra General Hospital Dr. Ahmed al-Ansi.

That was after the newspaper reported fatal medical violations and mistakes. The Prosecution referred the newspaper to the court.

One of the academicians considered these procedures as a form of harassment meant to gag journalism and prevent it from criticizing malpractices of some officials.