Al-Odaini To Sue YJS [Archives:2001/46/Local News]

November 12 2001

Mohammed Sadiq al-Odaini has threatened to file a lawsuit against the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate (YJS), saying that he is currently having consultations with the prominent Yemeni lawyer, Mohammed Naji A’alaw, about this matter.
In other developments, more than 30 members of the media and human rights activists signed a statement containing strong language of solidarity with Mr. Mohammed Sadiq al-Odaini, who has been subjected to different forms of harassment, culminating with his dismissal from his post as Office Manager of the Chairman of the YJS and Secretary of the Freedoms Committee, by some influential personalities at the YJS. The statement categorically condemned this arbitrary and unprecedented act and expressed their unlimited solidarity with Mohammed Sadiq al-Odaini, who was described by the statement as paying the cost for his writings. The statement further called upon organizations concerned with human rights and civil societies’ organizations to condemn such an act, which is utterly a violation of freedom of expression.