Al-Qabaita Cooperation Chairtable Society, Hodeida Branch Activities and functions, goals and ambitions [Archives:2005/885/Reportage]

October 13 2005

During the holey month of Ramadan, numerous charitable societies pursue a variety of activities to contribute to alleviating the burdens of livings upon citizens. These societies, including Al-Qabaita Cooperation Chairtable Society- Hodeida Branch, which proved to be a successful example in the distribution of charities, do other activities in favor of citizens.

Al-Qabaita Cooperation Chairtable Society- Hodeida Branch could contribute in an effective and touchable way to maturing public awareness about the importance of the charitable work and the implementation of successful social and charitable projects although the society's management suffers want of training and financial support.

The society's workers' love to pursue the charitable work, confidence and reliability of its workers, relying on the foundational and democratic style in management and giving more priority to projects that directly address the needs of citizens are among the reasons behind the society's successful achievements.

Those who knew about the society's activities would undoubtedly have a good impression about such an establishment that could overcome any difficulties facing it and achieve a variety of successful works although it suffers from a lack of finance.

Supported by philanthropists, the society adopted the project of orphan care that covered 24 handicapped kids and established a charitable building for locals in al-Qabaita District. The third floor of the three-storeyed building was allocated a hostel for university students. Contained in the building, there is the project of Ramadan Free Clinic that offers medical services for 1250 people, as well as the foodstuff project that distributes wheat, flour, rice, oil and sugar to 112 families. There is also the Ramadan feast project in the society's building, and beneficiaries from the project number between 60-90 per day during the holy month of Ramadan.

Covered by the society's activities is the schoolbag project which extends benefits to 140 male and female students, the cloth project which distributed suits and different kinds of dresses to 8672 people during the years 22- 23- 24- 1425 in the Hegira Calendar, with a total cost of 5.3 million Yemeni rials and the project of date distribution during the holy month of Ramadan.

Despite the fact the society has so far scored successful accomplishments, there are some obstacles and difficulties, such as the lack of financial support, that encounter its ambitions.

Ambitions of the society have no limit but they go beyond the scope of the charitable work and alleviating the suffering of people.

The society has the ambition of conducting studies and creating quick solutions for any issues, as well as implementing many service and developmental projects that have a direct relation with the lives of citizens. In coordination with charitable people, the society provides care for a large number of orphans and homeless children.

It extends assistance for youth who are unable to pay the cost of marriage and the talented students who face financial difficulties that hinder their progress. One of its important achievements is the establishment of a training center for orphans and talented students.