AL-RAI AL-AAM: Sanaa Weekly, 25-11-97 (‘Independent’) [Archives:1997/48/Press Review]

December 1 1997

News Review: 1- PGC leadership in Mukallah is rejected by the people, it failed to even enlist one single person in its ranks. 2- Due to severe insolvency, the Yemen-Kuwait company is to sell one of its best assets – the Hadda office complex. 3- More than 1,000 teachers demonstrated peacefully in Sanaa protesting widespread bribery in post allocation. 4- Group of armed men in black Mercedes shot at the director of the Aden Oil Refinery in front of his house. 5- Four engineers in Mukalla Housing Office are accused of corruption for dispensed plots of land enough for 4 million people in a city of 130,000. 6- TV announcer was held against his will by the deputy manager and a number of doctors while shooting a critical program in Jumhouria Hospital in Taiz.