AL-RAI AL-AAM: Sanaa weekly 3-2-98. (Independent) [Archives:1998/06/Press Review]

February 9 1998

Main Headlines: 1- 190 junior employees of the People’s General Congress’s Permanent Committee were fired for the 2nd time despite orders by the President – PGC Chairman – to reinstate them. 2- Taxi driver returned 100g of gold found in his cab to the Sudanese family who forgot it there – he had to look for their house for 2 days, and refused the customary 10% reward. 3- Saudi TV broadcast interferes with Yemeni broadcast in Al-Jawf, which seems to be deliberate. 4- Blatant misappropriation of funds at the Land Transportation Establishment in Hadhramaut goes on unchallenged. Article Summary: Rock Lobster is in Danger Several licensed and unlicensed private fishing companies and individual fishermen have been using prohibited methods to catch large quantities of rock lobster off the Mukallah coast. The banned primitive methods used by the fishremen lead to killing the females of the species, which will eventually lead to its extinction if the these practices go on unchecked. These fishermen export the female lobsters as well as chunks of the coral reefs and large quantities of sea grasses which serve as their breeding ground. “The Coastal Fishing Establishment in Aden has contracted only two fishing companies to catch and export lobster in accordance with strict rules,” said the director of the establishment’s branch in Hadhramaut. “Catching female lobsters bigger than 19cm in length is prohibited.”