AL-RAI AL-AAM: Sanaa (Weekly) 4-11-97. (Independent) [Archives:1997/45/Press Review]

November 10 1997

Main Headlines: 1- Victims of 1993 Torrents in Aden Sue Governor & Demand Compensation 2- Aden Oil Refinery Production Increased to 110,000 bpd 3- Secondary School Graduates Demonstarte in Sanaa Against Delay in Assigning them to Schools to do Military Service as Teachers 4- PGC in Hadhramaut Plagued by Disorganization & Divisions Article Summary: Hellish Conditions by: Salah Al-Ojaili Police jails in some parts of Hadhramaut need urgent reform. They lack the basic conditions for humans to stay in. The cells are completely dark and unfit to stay in for one minute, let alone days or even months as some unfortuante souls have to endure. The jail in East Reida is a relick from the Katheeri sultanate. It is medieval. The cells are smelly and infested with deadly insects. Only cell no. 3 is somewhat decent.