AL-RAI AL-AM: Sanaa weekly, 2-6-98. [Archives:1998/23/Press Review]

June 8 1998

Main Headline:
1- An MP and his bodyguards assaulted the general director of the Social Insurance Office and the director of the Social Care Fund, the reason is unknown.
2- Graduates of the Petroleum, Gas and Mineral Resources College continue their sit-in at parliament in protest over not being employed in the oil sector.
3- People in Aden suffer from continuous power cuts, aggravating the sweltering hot weather.
4- The Saudi occupation of two Yemeni islands is met with a deadly official silence.
5- Opposition leader, Hassan Ba-awm, who disappeared following the Mukallah demonstration on 27 April, is reported to have escaped to the UAE.

Article Summary:
Adenis Reject Nationalization
Owners of properties nationalized during the rule of the former regime in the south are calling for the pre-unification laws to be annulled. The President had previously directed that all nationalized property be returned to their original owners without issuing a special law for that. The problem, however, still persists, especially in Aden where the governors used to be from the Socialist Party.
The owners also call for suspending all transactions involving nationalized property until a satisfactory solution is reached.