Al-Rai_Al-Aam [Archives:2003/624/Press Review]

February 24 2003

18 FEB. 2003.

Main Headlines:
– RAY party to boycott upcoming parliamentary elections
– President Saleh to attend Arab summit meetings
– 14 person droned, 2 others wounded with fire shots in Mukalla
– German & American intelligence entrapped al-Mouyad
– Army troops manage to release a kidnapped person from Sanhan tribe
– Differences inside Islah party on candidates to coming parliamentary elections

In its editorial the newspaper says at last was concluded the Cairo meeting of Arab league foreign ministers preparing for an emergency Arab summit. The meeting issued a closing statement following the traditional Arab statements indicating desire for not attaching any Arab state, if it would affect Arab leaders thrones and interests. Arab foreign minister emergency meeting has not come out with any thing new. The closing statement's compromising shape clearly shows that the participants are merely employees for their regimes rather than officials responsible for issuing a decision and deciding matters concerning and threatening the nation.