Al-Rai_Al-Aam [Archives:2003/630/Press Review]

April 7 2003

1 April 2003
Main headlines:
– Yemeni Mujahideen head for Iraq
– Iraqi forces besiege American and British soldiers; Syria announces its standing by Iraq
– Yemen's journalists support the Iraqi people
– Islah domination in Sana'a aborts JMP force
– Iraq welcomes al-Ahmar message to President Saddam Hussein
– Huge financial flows into Yemen, deposited in various banks

Columnist Abdulhamid al-Shara'bi says in his article that the Iraqi steadfastness has revealed the actual volume of the American power that dominates the world and disclosed its weakness. It is not as strong as some think or visualized by the media. Others weakness and submission to America made it appear as a powerful force. The Iraqi steadfastness has refuted and broken all prospects and analyzes and surprised all with results of the battle. Iraq, with unprecedented planning and control, has managed to change it from a technological war into a traditional one. We cannot rule out that in the coming days to see hand-to-hand fighting. If we take into account suffering of the Iraqi people during 12 years of blockade and economic sanctions, and targeting Iraqi civilians with American and British sophisticated weapons, each Iraqi would be converted to a time bomb ready to explode at any moment against the enemy till the danger against his homeland is over. The enemy is mistaken by thinking that aiming at the civilians in Iraq with their warplanes and missiles would intimidate them to raise the white flag but would increase their resistance to the invasion.