Al-Rai_Al-Aam [Archives:2003/635/Press Review]

May 12 2003

6 May 2003
Main headlines:
– President Saleh gives his directives for removing his pictures from streets
– Overall changes following the coming government
– Bajammal, Salami, Farwan most prominent candidates for premiership
– Ruling party defeat in the capital secretariat spoils its joy over majority
– YSP failure in all Hadramout constituencies
– Al-Akwa'a tenders his resignation to the president.
Mr Mohammed Hassan Sha'ab says in an article that the Islah party has gained tens of thousands of votes in the capital center. Most of the votes are for persons having no political or organizational connection between them but have certain tactical aims. The Islah has benefited from the GPC's failure to nominate more popular persons in those constituencies and consequently gained tens of thousands of votes. The now is what the Islah would offer to its electors in the constituencies lying outside its organizational area? The answer that is most probable is that the Islah would come out of its limited organizational boundary to a more spacious social extent, beginning from offering its charitable projects. The second probability that is related to the first is that it would provide job opportunities for the unemployed social segments regardless of their affiliations, as they constitute part of its responsibilities. As for the worst probability it would be that the Islah would continue in its charitable projects confined to its organizational frameworks, forgetting what the masses have offered it of services.