Al-Rai_Al-Aam [Archives:2003/636/Press Review]

May 12 2003

13 May 2003
Main headlines:
– Bajammal forms the new government
– The legislative power violates the constitution in its firs meting
– GPC's seat at the parliament does not reflect popularity
– Yemeni political and military leaders in exile expected to return home
– Saudis receive Powell by blasting three American residential complexes in Riyadh
Mr Ayman Abdulmalik says in his article that with the approach of forming the new government and assuming its power for the coming six years, it is necessary to say that the new government has many tasks and national responsibilities to undertake. It is responsible directly for applying the elections program of the GPC as a pledge towards the citizen who voted for the GPC. The government has the duty to work hard in the frame of its responsibility towards the homeland and to exert all efforts for protecting the citizen and his civil and political rights. It has to work for providing an economic and living life suitable to the citizen and preserves for him a free and dignified life. The writer sums up demand of the people from the new government as follows:
– We want social security and stability.
– We want a real development and economic programs on the ground not on paper.
– There must be an independent judiciary, honest and fair that does not differentiate between the high ranking person and the ordinary citizen.
– The people want freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and effective and sound democratic practice.
– The government has to establish balanced international relations based on common interests and benefits.
– We want patriotic politicians who do what they say and not the opposite.