Al-Rai_Al-Aam [Archives:2003/637/Press Review]

May 26 2003

20 May 2003
Main headlines:
– A number of MPs file lawsuit
– To confront SARS, late preventive measures against entering the country
– Two years, the new government validity
– Reception party in celebration of unification day
– GPC's new structure in its 7th conference
On program of the new government the political editor of the newspaper wrote saying that nowadays nobody is paying much attention to program of the new government for the coming period mostly due to the failures of Bajammal's former government particularly in people's living and economic conditions. Under such indifference shown by the public opinion, there pop up many queries to be placed before Bajammal and his government. One of the main queries is whether there is a clear and accurate vision to tackle the economic crises within a technical frame or would such a vision take the rhetoric style and broad lines that bears many interpretations. Corruption and looting the public property in many of the state institutions remain one of the most outstanding issues Bajammal government should effect a strong and effective mechanism weed it out, if Bajammal's government has the will and determination. Among other important queries is whether Bajammal's modernization and developing government is capable in its performance and program of achieving the real harmony between the term name and its actions.
When asked to form the government Bajammal was given enough time to choose his ministers, so would he in the coming period be more able to change or would he defend his ministers as he did in his previous government?