Al-Rai_Al-Aam [Archives:2003/654/Press Review]

July 28 2003

22 July 2003
Main headlines:
– After a Yemeni-Ethiopian summit, the president welcomes anyone wants to join the tripartite grouping
– Comprehensive changes at the ministry of education following the final results of examinations
– Expired food products flood the market
– Moroccan ambassador gives reception party on the throne day anniversary

Mr Mustafa Anshsi writes an article about dangers of suspending Palestinian military operations and calmness of the intifada on future of the Palestinian situation as a whole. He says the Zionist side is cheating in implementation of its commitments stipulated in the road map. The Zionist side continues in pursuing its criminal policy against the sons of the Palestinian people and does not calm it down. It tries through negotiation with the Palestinian side to create split inside the Palestinian ranks and dictate its conditions if the Palestinian side wanted to go ahead on the negotiation line. This confirms the right position taken by some leaders of Fatah who refuse Abu Mazen's government way in negotiation and demand that the negotiations should be conducted on an equal basis. The Zionist enemy must understand that in case the negotiations failed the Palestinian masses have other alternatives. These people prove to be right and realize the dangers more than others who are zealous towards the policy of negotiations until it becomes based on dictating conditions by the Zionist enemy and commitment and implementation to be duty of the Palestinian party. Those do not possess a clear-cut or correct strategy and do not take the former negotiations experiments with the Zionist side into consideration.