Al-Rai_Al-Aam [Archives:2003/684/Press Review]

November 9 2003

4 Nov.2003
Main headlines:
– Communications establishment manages to regain 200 thousand minutes of calls used to be smuggled
– Liquefied gas agencies owners accuse the company of fallacy and twisting facts
– Council of ministers ends agreement with Yeminvest in return for $200 million
– January, a deadline for traffic of diesel-powered vehicles in he capital
– Applicants to jobs wonder why the civil service delays the results
– Yemen journalists chairman and secretary of the international union to visit Iraq in January

The newspaper editorial says that among the semi-organized media campaign in the United States of America the ruling neoconservatives are moving its mechanism the New York Times newspaper has recently launched a large-scale campaign against the Yemen expatriates that could be described as ferocious, if not to be an introduction for later measures against the Yemeni expatriates that may reach to withdrawing their nationalities.
Over a four-part article the newspaper visualized the Yemeni expatriates living in the city of Likuana as having transferred mentality of the Yemeni village and that their relations are characterized by anger because of their marriages to American women whom they converted to Islam and that they are connected to special religious circles and schools and clubs, as well as their connection with Yemen. The newspaper tries to imply that those Yemenis have not adapted themselves to the new homeland and to visualize them as isolated hiding evil intentions against America. The editorial demands from the Yemeni ministries of foreign affairs and the expatriates affairs to shoulder their responsibility for protecting the Yemeni expatriates and to defend them legally before courts and the rest of judiciary apparatuses.