Al-Rai_Al-Aam [Archives:2003/686/Press Review]

November 17 2003

11 Nov. 2003
Main headlines:
– New Taliban in Yemen, Hizbut-Tahrir (Liberation Party) holds its first conference
– 80 per cent of loans go to tenders without benefiting from them.

On Israel’s using of depleted uranium weapons the newspaper mentions that the heroes of intifdha do not possess but their stones and some light weapons that could not fight with the weapons used by the Zionist occupation soldiers. But the occupation army did not hesitate in using all types of weapons, even the internationally prohibited, to suppress the Palestinian intifadha. Medical reports have proved many times that the Zionist occupation troops have used the depleted uranium in their war against the Palestinians, especially against children. There are many indications prove that 1500 of al-Aqsa intifadha wounded have been exposed to projectiles and ammunition of depleted uranium. When faced with such facts by the Arab MP Issam Mukhawal at the Zionist Knesset, the Israeli minister of defence evaded from answer and refused. MP Mukhawal said he had got a report issued by an American organization condemning the Zionist forces of using ammunition clad with depleted uranium in fighting against the Palestinian intifadha. MP Mukhawl added that if the issue was not considered as it should it would change into a resounding international scandal and make Israel pay the price for those crimes against humanity and must pay damages to the victims because of its use of this internationally banned weapon.