Al-Rai_Al-Aam [Archives:2003/692/Press Review]

December 8 2003

2 Dec.2003.
Main headlines:
– Military medical teams in Hadramout and Mareb continue carrying out their program
– Negligence in al-Qattan district of Hadramout
– Spread of a phenomena of robbing trade shops in Mukalla

On the American occupation practices in Iraq the newspaper wrote saying the American terror in Iraq the country of civilization is considered one of the ugliest forms of American terror. The crimes committed by the American troops are considered by political analysts and the organization of human rights as massacres and blood shedding of the Iraqis. The American occupying forces have a week ago perpetrated a massacre by killing 54 Iraqi citizens without having committed any guilt. Unlike what Bush said in his surprise visit to Baghdad that the aim of America was to liberate the Iraq, the Americans consider Iraq as a fertile farm and its people are colonized and must be liquidated. It is no harm to keep some of the Iraqis alive, especially those whose stay is necessary for serving the occupation.
The resistance of American occupation by the heroic men of Iraq confirms that the occupation soldiers would not return home but killed or escapees bearing rancor against Bush who was the cause of their fate. The American crimes are evident proof that the are the origin of terror and the allies of America have to realize that the killing and aggression they are committing against the Iraqis would increase the Iraqi people's for power and challenge, especially that their history mentions that they had always been heroes and mighty people. Bush and his administration would ultimately not reap but defeat and destruction.