Al-Rai_Al-Aam [Archives:2004/714/Press Review]

February 23 2004

17 Feb.2004.
Main headlines
– Delusory loans exhausted the national economy
– Hadramout journalists threaten to boycott the syndicate elections
– Cabinet reshuffle after the deadly price dose
– At the conclusion of cultures and civilizations dialogue, dialogue the basis of discarding violence and terror

The political editor says in his article while the Sharonite wall in the Palestinian occupied territories represents a comprehensive crisis in the region the crisis of fences chases us even at home as we are a nation created to be imprisoned psychological or practical barriers. The barrier that troubled the brotherly relations between our country and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the sick phenomena in the Arab body threatening any healthy aspect in the relations between the two countries. The timing and the place is not in interest of the two countries. It is undoubtedly there are who benefit from such improper conditions and the sick phenomena. Te bridges of conciliation and cordiality are those supposed to prevail and protected at the Arab level.