AL-RAY AL-AAM: [Archives:1998/38/Press Review]

September 21 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- Tension between Awaliq and Sai’ara, the biggest and most heavily armed tribes in Hadhramaut and Shabwa, could lead to an all-out tribal war.
2- Explosion of a gas cylinder at a liquid gas plant in Aden kills one person and injures two. The gas cylinder had some grease inside it, which led to it exploding while being filled up.
3- An army colonel and his family came under siege by the heirs of the rented house where they live, in a culmination of a 4-year harassment to evict the colonel.
4- The campaign to control the carrying of firearms will continue to the end of this year.
5- Yemeni Association of Insurance Companies has been formed.
Article Summary:
Highwaymen Caught
The most dangerous gang of highwaymen operating in the eastern governorates has been apprehended, following a series of horrendous crimes. The gang intercepted a truck, belonging to the Yemeni Economic Establishment, on the evening of Thursday, September 10, near Mahfad on the Shabwa-Abyan road. The driver, Mohammed Al-Mattari, was accompanied by his son Abdulmalik, 15, and two security men.
A hail of bullets was fired at the truck. With a bullet in the heart, Abdulmalik died instantly. The driver pressed ahead, while fire was exchanged between the security men and the gang. Police was alerted by a nearby checkpoint.
Two gang members were later arrested by the hospital security staff when they took a third man for medical attention to his leg wound. Similar incidents took place on the same road, which has now become quite notorious among truck drivers and the public in general.