AL-RAY AL-AAM: Sanaa weekly, 25-8-98. [Archives:1998/35/Press Review]

August 31 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- The world condemns US aggression on Sudan and Afghanistan.
2- The Director of the German consultancy company, Klaus Peter [Bleth] converts to Islam, and changes his name to Mohammed Klaus.
3- The Vice President’s call for the Fiber-Glass Factory to monopolize all buying and distribution of boats has astonished many businessmen.
4- A Nigerian gang swindles a number of Yemeni businessmen through a get-rich-quick scheme.
5- General Manager of Hodeida Port Authority is suspended from work for allocating YR 80 million for a water cistern project not worth more than YR 30 million.
6- Government accountants in Mahweet go on strike in protest over the arrest of one of their colleagues by the governorate’s chief of security for refusing to dispense YR 40,000 to him.
Article Summary:
Moonshiner Caught
Police in Hadhramaut seized YR 4 million worth of locally made alcohol last Thursday in a raid on what they described as the largest moonshining establishment in the governorate. They were tipped off that a municipality employee manufactures the illegal substance in a guest house run by the Mukallah municipality.
Five large rooms were discovered containing 35 kegs and a large number of plastic water bottles full of alcohol and ready for marketing.