AL-RAY AL-AAM: Sanaa weekly, 28-7-98. [Archives:1998/31/Press Review]

August 3 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- Local Council in Sanaa sells 25% of Al-Thawra Park to a property developer, provided he renovates the remaining 75%. The developer, however, fenced off about half of the park for his proposed project to establish an exhibition grounds.
2- Fishermen in Hadhramaut complain of illegal fishing by both foreign and Yemeni trawlers. The majority of the latter are owned by a certain Yasser Al-Iryani.
3- Customs officers at Sanaa Airport seize several packages full of labels for food cans with future expiry dates printed on them. Owners of some major Yemeni supermarkets are implicated.
Article Summary:
War… the Only Solution! (editorial)
There seems to be no other solution for the Yemeni-Saudi border dispute but to go to war. Yemen has honestly and continuously made many brotherly gestures and many compromises to Saudi Arabia. But the greed of our “Big Sister” knows no bounds.
The encroachment on Yemeni territory is not something new. Large chunks of land were taken over by the Saudis during the war between the republicans and royalists in the mid-1960s.
The Saudi rulers did their “best” to undermine the unification of Yemen in 1990. Also in the same year, they kicked out one million Yemeni migrant workers and confiscated their property. The Yemeni government stood silent. They were involved in behind the scenes efforts in the secession conspiracy of 1994.
Declare general mobilization and open military training camps for volunteers. Arm 4 million fighters and send them to purge the Yemeni land.