AL-RAY AL-AAM: Sanaa weekly, 6-10-98. [Archives:1998/41/Press Review]

October 12 1998

(Independent)  Main Headline:
1- Security forces de-fused a 2-kg explosive device in between two houses near an army barracks in Mukallah, Hadhramaut.
2- In Reima, Greater Sanaa, 14 died and 260 are in critical condition because of various epidemics: Malaria, whooping cough, measles, fever, diarrhea.
3- Banknotes worth 200 million riyals were destroyed by water seeping through Central Bank vault.
4- Parliament decided to buy luxury cars for its members, while the government declares austerity measures.
5- Yemen and Iraq sign a cooperation agreement in the fields of economy, education and culture.
6- People living in Constituency 20, Aden, demand a visit by their PGC MP, Dr. Oras Sultan Naji to look into their grievances.
Article Summary:
Appeal Judge, a Forger
For the last 8 years, Mrs. Khadija Abdulwarith Qassem has been following her case around a hierarchy of courts. She accuses a man and a Court of Appeal judge of forgery and falsifying documents. The defendant had previously forged a title deed stripping Mrs. Qassem of the Aden house which she lived for several years. He claims to have inherited the house from his father.
The original case file went missing at the Court of Appeal, following a decision in her favor by the Primary Court. The woman was later detained, along with her daughter by the police.