Al-Sa’eed prizes announced [Archives:2005/838/Local News]

May 2 2005

Al-Sa'eed Foundation for Culture and Science had announced on Thursday April 28 prizes of late Hail Sa'eed at the 8th Round of al-Sa'eed Cultural Festival, 2004.

At the event which was attended by many governmental officials, media people, and NGOs representatives, prizes were distributed to winners.

The Environment and Agriculture prize was presented to Dr. Sallam Ahmed al-Ghouri and Dr. Abdullah Abdul-Jabbar Hassan (in halves). Prize of Literary Creativity was snatched by both Dr. Ali Hassan and Dr. Ibrahim Abdul-Rahman.

Therefore, this year's prizes are shared each by two winners.

Many prizes were withheld including those of medical sciences, economics, and administrative sciences because all submitted research did not fulfill required conditions.

The Prize Trustees issued a number of resolutions introducing new fields into the prize scope such as engineering, technology, archeology, and architecture.

Each prize value was raised from a million to a million and a half.

The prize announcement festival saw the delivery of many speeches which represented the cultural movements and the impact of the prize.

The speeches indicated the importance of prizes as they encourage culture and motivate creative people to excel in various fields of knowledge.