Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/626/Press Review]

March 10 2003

6 March 2003
Main headlines:
– Yadoumi, secretary-general of Islah party: Woman nomination, not for overbidding
– Alignment, a call for participants or supporters
– YSP discusses elections
– Demonstrations law, tax of the bad choice
– Al-Mouyad lawyer demands referring the case to German Federal Supreme Court
– JMP in Hadramout forms a united leadership

In a front-page story the editor in chief addresses the Arab leaders by saying that the nation's interest begins from inside the boundaries of the countries you are ruling. The interest is that should have no right more than the constitutions and laws have allotted for you. He further addresses them as being undertaking responsibilities and pledges heavier than they could bear when they stand against Iraq or against America.
The writer calls on the leaders to allow their peoples decide their own interests and to prevent those seeking protection from them to deal blows to the nation of which ''you are part of her and her interests'', by talking about your super capabilities to the extent of demanding the peoples to praise God for your being installed as rulers of these peoples.
The author says the whole thing begins with the necessity of showing respect to the citizen's will and his right to elect and to have a say without any suppression.
Addressing the rulers further he tells them that they are enchaining democracy with its tools and rendering it into a tool with which the people issue a sentence of killing themselves.