Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/629/Press Review]

March 31 2003

27 March 2003
Main headlines:
– Iraqis' steadfastness embarrasses Arab regimes
– Party leaderships interrogated for condemning the aggression without getting permission beforehand
– Al-Mouayad lawyer: American made a trick on Yemeni constitution
– Baghdad demands closure of Bush's embassies
– Sentence against al-Wahdawi newspaper journalists condemned

The editor in chief of the newspaper says in a front page article when the Arab people throughout the Arab world paid high prices in response to calls for liberation from colonialism and despotism, they all were dreaming of a state where they are the unconquerable masters. They dreamt of a state without nepotism and that law would give priority to criterion of efficiency to all other criteria. Frankly speaking, the Arab citizen has seen some officials and leaders of such good examples who coextend with their people an ordinary life, sharing them their joys and miseries. But regretfully those officials were not able to give the people all that they dreamed of. Stability could not be realized in their countries and the west and east remained the destination from where to search for development. After less than half a century the citizen found himself asking himself about what his free leaders done for him.
The writer maintains that democracy gives the people a chance equal to their capability but not to their post. It is the democracy of the right and richness, the democracy of the sovereignty of the citizen.
The author concludes his article with saying that the Arab citizen in the entire Arab world has to insist on his right to practice the democracy and that this would lose any of its meanings if the ballot is not its judge.