Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/630/Press Review]

April 7 2003

2 April 2003
– Losses of the aggression reach London and Washington
– Al-Rantisi: American arrogance enhances stand of peoples with the Palestinian cause
– New American failure prolongs period of al-Mouayad detention
– Detainees from the Friday demonstrations released
– Lawyers: Differentiation between voters, violation of the law
– Hindrances before opposition candidates
The editor of the newspaper says in his front page article that every day tens of innocent victims fall as a price for the illusions that have become controlling the Bush administration in Washington. The world always remember the victims of the war crimes perpetrated by terrorists and criminals who ruled the world at a time peoples are unaware, exploiting their striking military power they possess. Despite of the sorrow and grief and anger dominating the Arab citizen everywhere he has not to forget that the Arab official order is the major and the first side responsible for this speedy downfall and collapse of the homelands and peoples dignity and sovereignty. Those searching for an effective way for siding with Iraq have to turn back to themselves and look for the reasons why they accepted despotism and totalitarian rule that led the nation to uncountable disasters paying for it from our lives and those of the coming generations.
Undoubtedly, leaders of the Arab official regimes hope wholeheartedly that Washington would decide early the result of the war before the cards could be reshuffled and fire extends to their thrones and the ground shakes under their feet. They see in the prolonged Iraqi steadfastness a real danger on this Arab regime. The writer concludes that our real problem lies in the first place in backwardness, despotism, suppression of freedoms and expression of opinion. These are the gaps through which the foreign invaders do infiltrate to threaten our sovereignty and dignity.