Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/642/Press Review]

June 19 2003

12 June 2003
Main headlines:
– The president visits by-elections constituencies accompanied by his nominees
– Al-Quds establishment: Al-Quds eternal capital of Palestine, road map, mirage
– Al-Rantissi survives attempted assassination
– Yemen's ambassador to Berlin: Al-Mouyad letter refuted the accusations; we are dealing with it seriously to support legal position
– Economists: Government program loose
– MPs ask about former loans, demand rise in salaries

Columnist Zaid al-Shami comments on the coming economic ''doses'' saying the GPC was frank in its election platform by asserting it would maintain following the policy of economic doses that are shyly termed as ''economic reforms'', which have placed the people within the ever-widening circle of impoverishment. The general program of the government it has submitted to get the vote of confidence in the parliament came to confirm going ahead with the economic and administrative reforms. What is obviously known is that the government does not implement but rise in prices and pricing of public services and this is associated with support and encouragement of corruption. The general program of the government has admitted that corruption and terror are two parts of the same coin, which means that the future would see bigger failures. With economic doses comes a collapse of ethics and dismantle of social bonds and an increase in crime.
The GPC governments have during the past years raised prices and worked on increasing suffering of the citizen in addition to tightening the opportunities of dignified living. They have stopped opportunities of investment and frozen savings via treasury bonds. They would say their program has received acceptance of voters and the people have granted them the majority that enables them o impose the policy they want without the need of others' approval. The fact is that all know that the people do not perceive what is planned for them but until they face the biter facts.