Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/648/Press Review]

July 7 2003

3 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Islah Shoura valued the president's efforts, requesting more efforts for the release of al-Mouyad
– MPs: Elections carried out in a comical way
– Germany did not implement its promises regarding al-Mouayad
– Al-A'nisi: Jaralla Omar not a card for bidding
Columnist Abdulmuis Abduljabar Ghalib says in an article that colonization of peoples has so simply becomes legal and legitimate by the United Nations that is supposed to be the refuge sought by the oppressed. The UN Security Council has issued its resolution of lifting sanctions imposed on Iraq not out of sympathy with Iraq but actually to pour poison in honey. Its aim is to legitimize for America and Britain the occupation of Iraq, and plunder its riches without any one to account them for that. That is how ended the game that began with invading Kuwait. Thus the dream of Kissinger in the '70 is realized. Kissinger had then demanded rectifying the mistake of placing the world riches in the Arab region. I do not think that any Arab leader and even any Arab child do not realize the reality our nation is experiencing nowadays.
The question is whether we are returning to the period of colonization anew. Is the world now witnessing the change of the United Nations into the League of Nations? Is the world is witnessing another Sykes-Picot treaty? One wonders if the Arab rulers, leaders and thinkers ask themselves about the reasons why we have reached to this level. Haven't we and the nation struggled since the fifties of last century against colonization and serfdom? Haven't we for that reason offered thousands and rather millions of martyrs for the sake of liberation and getting rid of its tyranny?