Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/662/Press Review]

August 25 2003

21 August 2003
Main headlines:
– In a letter to the syndicate council, Journalists: we waited for overcoming the failures
– In a sitting with Lahj killer, victims families discuss motives of the crime
– Military men stage demonstration demanding their rights
– Suspected killer of al-Dhabri arrested in Amran
Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in an article that all of us dream to see the capital Sana'a as the most beautiful Arab city. We look forward to see it clean and tidy, with gardens and parks, wide streets and many public utilities.
In all cities of the world there are old popular residential quarters that are included in city planning and those of limited income find opportunity for living in them. The sight of these residential quarters does not degrade the status of these cities, even in the cities belonging to big powers. Our officials should prepare comprehensive plans for the capital in a way accommodating all the areas included in the law on the capital secretariat. By such a plan the problem of land plots would be lessened, the random and unplanned building would come to an end and the state would spare much time and effort it is exerted to terrorize the citizens in order to demolish their illegal building.