Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/664/Press Review]

September 1 2003

28 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Death penalty for Lahj killer
– Hawth court holds its session to decide the case of killing prayers at al-Hamzi mosque
– August 1982, anniversary of establishing the GPC rule
– Journalist Abdulfatah al-Hakiemi under arrest
– Refuges rights with the ministry of human rights
Columnist Zaid al-Shami writes an article on the anniversary of the foundation of the GPC saying the GPC is celebrating the elapse of 21 years of its foundation and they are years of changeables. The GPC was grouping all the Yemeni political trends as partisanship was banned and political pluralism prohibited and that gathering had provided the opportunity for political parties and leaders to meet and conduct dialogue and to know each other closely. Despite all that the affiliation of the GPC did not abolish the affiliation to other parties as the members maintained their organizational relations and their ideological trends.
The experiment was good. It had removed the alienation and the political forces had known each other's visions on various political issues and national, regional and international issues. Factors of trust began to grow among them and all had participated in the national woes as they considered the construction of the homeland the responsibility of all of its sons.
After the unity came the political pluralism as a necessary form for the merger of two variant political entities. At that time the GPC voices began calling for the necessity of the return of each political organisation to its own entity and that what actually happened. The hope was that multi-party system would lead to honest competition for serving the homeland and rights would remain guaranteed for all citizens.
While the GPC is celebrating the anniversary of its foundation we would like to remind it that the homeland is spacious enough for all and following the road of canceling others and narrowing the opportunities of science and work before them, or raising the banner of the one party, had led totalitarian political parties to a deadlock and led to the loss of homelands. We wish wholeheartedly the GPC good wishes and hope it would adopt a reasonable and objective stand with all.