Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/667/Press Review]

September 11 2003

4 Sept. 2003
Main headlines:
– The teachers union reiterates sticking to the president's directives
– Members in women's union challenge legitimacy of the conference held in Aden
– Renewal of investigation into the case of Jarallah Omer
On the start of the new academic year columnist Zaid al-Shami writes saying this year some of headmasters of schools have linked registration to paying the price of the school uniform the matter that made many parents complain of that measure and some of them to announce that they would deprive their sons of education due to their inability to pay the expensive costs. At the beginning of each school year some teachers also force pupils to meet certain additional demands from the students. All those rather put block on the road of seeking knowledge and learning and innovate commitments against students incompatible with the level of the individual's income in our country.
All these concern and others I carried with me to the minister of education Dr Abdulsallam al-Jawfi and I found with him a great understanding and told me that he had given a circulation on not linking students' registration to the payment of costs of the school uniform.