Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/675/Press Review]

October 9 2003

2 October 2003
Min headlines:
– Taiz: education office suspends 80 inspectors
– Islah organisation in Ibb condemns attempted assassination against al-Basha
– In Qadas a rock kills three brothers
– Islah assistant secretary general: The revolution cannot be run single-handedly

Columnist Zaid al-Shami writes that the first goal of the Yemeni revolution was the liberation from despotism and colonization and its impact. We find nowadays that these are coming back anew but rather their area is increasing under the motive of arrogance and the desire to humiliate others. One would winder about the loosing of temper shown by some officials in dealing with the citizens.
We wonder why dealing with the citizen is not performed in a human manner. Why don't we make him feel the wrong if he was mistaken? The injustice and despotism we witness and the complaintsexpressed by the ordinary citizen make the citizen think that the revolution has not erupted yet. These practices are not motivated by implementation of the law and order but rather for the purpose of blackmailing. Would not this behaviour necessitate consideration? Hasn't the revolution come but to fight tyranny?