Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/677/Press Review]

October 16 2003

9 Oct.2003
Main headlines:
– Authority unifies teachers union by cancellation
– A loan agreement aborts implementation of two strategic projects
– Sudanese president al-Basheer: Garang has become a friend after signing the security accord
– Citizens complain delay in issuing their passports
– Vengeance cause migration of 150 residents from Shabwa to Abyan
– A society for protection and maintenance of Aden’s antiquities, established
Columnist Mohamed al-Ghabiri writes on education crisis in Yemen saying no one disputes the existence of crisis engulfing education at all levels in Yemen starting from the ministry building to school, administration and everything related to it. The main of all reasons of this situation is absence of comprehension of the importance of education by the authority, administration and the society, the low level of capabilities and misuse of the available of them as well as the comprehensive corruption in life in general.
The first of steps to be taken to reform education is to provide a building for the ministry of education representing its status as an important institution. The second step is to reform mechanism of and subjecting it to objective specifications and criteria along with serious monitoring and application of the principle of punishment and reward. Education is the decisive factor in advancement and backwardness because it deals with the human and human brain and energy. There would not be any building without finding a mechanism for discovering talents and geniuses and then caring of them, developing and investing them. Education must be separated from the existing corruption in the general administration and public life and that can be accomplished by removing the elements that are not qualified for this profession.