Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/681/Press Review]

October 30 2003

23 Oct.2003
Main headlines:
– Islah assistant secretary general al-A’nsi met NDI’s regional director
– Absence of security in Aden
– Saudi authorities hand over dead body of a Yemeni smuggler
– Local councils 2nd conference, decisions not meeting ambitions
– Socotra lives strangling food crisis
Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in his article that the Islamic states leaders have recently ended their conference in Malaysia. The conference has been held at circumstances when Muslim’s dignity is increasingly humiliated and an increased aggression on their countries and confiscation of their rights: the picture in the Islamic world is very dark; occupation of Iraq , aggression on Syria, harassment against Iran a threat to Pakistan, injustice in Kashmir bloody aggression on Muslims in Chechnya and the still bleeding deep wound of Palestine. the new colonization wants us change everything in ourselves; deny our religion and change our education curricula and to surrender and accept to live without any human rights. anyone who would not abide by all this he is terrorist and enemy of democracy. Undoubtedly all these conditions were not absent from thinking of the leaders in their conference and so what have they done?
They have expressed their feelings of pain, worry and non-acceptance and hoped the stop of injustice, they denounced the aggression on Syria and sympathized with the Palestinian people but they have addressed their call to an absent pronoun. when the leaders feel courageous enough they would address the international community and in the best o situations and conditions they would address their call to the security council and the united nations that has not supported our just issues for more than half a century.