Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/685/Press Review]

November 13 2003

6 Nov.2003
Main headlines:
– In congratulations to president Saleh by al-Mouayad: Be as you are known to be
– “Yemeni” in most terrorist acts, Bajammal considers that an “early globalization”
– 76 refugees in Yemen, among them 226 Iraqis

On fighting poverty columnist Mohammed Saleh al-Hadhiri says it has been proved that poverty is not the rule but an exception in life of the society and that means that material prosperity has its negative and positive reflections whereas poverty’s reflections are all negative. Thus there must be a fight against poverty as an act that must not be done with a slogan form but in a form compatible with the relationship of poverty with absence of material development and absence of just social and national relations. Fighting poverty is a positive act by its nature and must be developed to be a scientific action as well through developing the material and ethical basis in its concept related to justice among classes of the society and relations of work and production. This mate leads us to mention about the principle of justice in wages and fighting administrative and financial corruption as a proper beginning for fighting poverty. There are other factors causing poverty represented by wrong economic policies and also all political introductions that have no social content that is related to designing policies in a manner serving high life segments of the society and makes wealth piles up with a small class of the people. Poverty is part of the national question and rather the major part of it. Thus fighting poverty could not have any meaning unless there is a treatment of the entire national matter and placing the entire society at the threshold of development as it is the material solution for poverty.