Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/692/Press Review]

December 8 2003

4 Dec.2003.
Main headlines:
– America releases younger Guantanamo detainees
– Dr Saadudin Wahba: Democracy makes moderateness
– A law suit against Taiz education office
– Military medical teams resume their work in Hadramout and Mareb

On the attack the HRITC in Taiz recently came under Rashad al-Shara'abi said in an article that the strange thing is that while the armed attack took place against the HRITC offices Mr Izzudin Saeed Ahmed was presenting his shadow report in Geneva on the extent of the Yemeni government commitment to the agreement of anti-torture and the agreement on the economic, social and cultural rights. It is unknown for us yet whether the attack was a pure coincidence or a planned for crime perpetrated by individuals or groups.
The crime of attacking the center was a surprise for the chairman of the center and its staff. Head of the center Mr Izzudin Saeed said the motives of the perpetrators were not known yet and also about the sides behind the incident, adding that all possibilities were probable since the center is working in the field of human rights and freedoms that may agitate anger of some persons.
It is the first crime of its kind against a civil institution working in the field of enlightenment and qualification in the field of the culture of human rights and such an incident may be an introduction to danger that may be inflicted on civil society organizations and their leaders and activists.