Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/694/Press Review]

December 15 2003

11 Dec.2003.
Main headlines:
– 2004 budget, a new dose and a year of disappointment for civil servants
– International efforts continue for fighting terror, international experts discuss in Sana'a spread of weapons
– Employing the dead and illiterate in Nahm, people of Jawf stage demonstrations in protest
– Aden governor: Selection the best investment companies for running the free zone

Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in his article this week that he Palestinian cause is going through new turning-point after the Geneva Declaration. The agreement, though not an official, it represents an unprecedented step in abandonment of certain constants as the refugees right to return to their homeland and the Al-Quds as capital of the state of Palestine. It is an agreement Arafat had refused to sign with former Israeli Prime Minister Barak under auspices of former American president Clinton. It is said the accord would tighten the grip on Sharon and his government and embarrass America before the world, but the question is when did America and Israel observe or care about logic and justice or feel ashamed of their acts before the world?
More than three years of intifada have doubled losses of the state of Israel materially and politically in addition to its losses in men. On the other side the Palestinian have now become more united and patient and capable of resistance. The Palestinian intifada has also unmasked policies of many Arab regimes that have been used to utilize the Palestinian issue for biding and trading, oppressed their peoples and tampered with their riches under pretext of preparation for confronting Israel. The suffering of the Israelis in Palestine is no less than the suffering of the Palestinians and the calls for peace issued from inside Israel confirm that their patience is diminishing and thus the Palestinians have to continue in their unity and confrontation with the occupation. Between defeat and victory is a patience of an hour.