Al-Sahwa [Archives:2003/696/Press Review]

December 22 2003

18 Dec.2003.
Main headlines
– President: Democracy not for the army
– Military men threaten to resort to judiciary if Kuhlani does not apologize

Columnist Abdulmalik al-Shaibani says in his article though I admit that Saddam had very negative impact on the Iraqis and others, but is it right to shorten Iraq and its concerns and issues and problems to be personified in one person called Saddam? Or is not this a matter disagreeing with logic of things and nature of issues?
It seems that arresting Saddam does not form an end to the bad conditions in Iraq and the Iraqis. As a nation, peoples and states, we are accused of being dragged and tied to the past and we get preoccupied with it at the expense of our present and future. Whatever the case might be it seems the very important is not to indulge deeply in the past but rather turn our attention to the future that might be more tragic if the Iraqis have not been aware because none of their Arab and Muslim brothers could not come into their support as each of our peoples are under huge burdens of woes and problems.