Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/701/Press Review]

January 8 2004

1 Jan. 2004
Main headlines:
– Al-A'nsi: in loyalty to Jarallah we bet on the future
– Students stage sit-in, prosecution extends time of arrest
– JMP demands stopping violation of university campus
Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in his article that a year has elapsed on the assassination of Jarallah Omer the assistant secretary general of the YSP. He was at the apex of giving calling for freedom and condemning injustice and despotism, and to joining forces for building a country spacious for all its sons.
Perhaps the people do not know a government feels happy with evil as what our government does. Those who follow up behaviour of the head of the government and official sources would notice that they are still and on every occasion confirm that Yemen is a seminary of terror and then there is the continuous mobilization against the opposition and the JMP especially the Islah and the YSP. It is a call for facing the word with the gun and accusing the opposition by treason. The escalation and progressing restriction against the democratic margin, fighting civil society organisations and confiscating their activities are channeled into the same direction despite we have thought that the regional and international variables would curb this policy.