Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/704/Press Review]

January 19 2004

15 Jan 2004
Main headlines:
– Commenting on Sana'a conference resolutions, opposition: Backing off embarrassing for regimes
– Mauritanian authorities arrest Islamic leader Bin Mansoura
– Doha dialogue for bridging the gap between Islamic world and the United States
Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in his article the conference on democracy and human rights held in Sana'a last week is considered an addition to the theoretical asset supporting human rights respect. The conference reflexes the situation of human rights in the third world that is endeavouring to attain his rights to live in dignity, safe and free, expressing his opinion without fear from being accounted or chased or imprisoned.
Political parties and civil society organisations had spelled out their complaint for being marginalized and not invited to take part in preparing for the conference or attending it. It seems that that was rectified at the last moments Though the conference has discussed vital issues an called for respect for general rights of humankind and condemned occupation and domination of the powerful over the weak, the problem lies in how to convince the decision-makers to allow the human to entertain his rights fully and to live free, having a pressurizing opinion deterring the unjust, questioning the ruler and obliging the authority to deal with resources and destinies in a good manner and making popular watching over the government performance effective? How the human find a chance inn education, work and production, enjoying wealth of life hat should not be kept at the hands of an oligarchy of exploiters and parasites at the expense of the weak majority?