Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/706/Press Review]

January 26 2004

2 Jan 2004
Main headlines
– Zindani: As long as we hold dialogue we are alright
– Coordination council does not run relations
– Five ministers to deal with problem of Sana'a employment positions
– Yemeni woman organisations express solidarity with French Muslim women
– Teachers of Ja'fariya district in Sana'a complain of halting their salaries
Writer Nabeela Saeed wonders in an article if the women rights in Islam have become a riddle and if we have the right to say that the level of understanding of the intelligentsia and this dealing with human rights and the woman rights in particular is almost shallow? Is it too shallow that we are not able to understand Islam as we should? We are actually in need to reconsider our calculations regarding our vision of ourselves at least to perceive what are the rights and duties that God instructed us with in Islam. The enthusiasm that has been shown at the meeting of the program of women rights in Islam which was concerned with training some activists in human rights confirms it is a step forward gathering alls various orientations in one forum. We are drowned in what the west has come to us with but the wisdom is to take from it what is the best for running our life.