Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/712/Press Review]

February 16 2004

12 February 2004
Main headlines
– The Americans have not presented new evidence against al-Mouayad
– Centralization and absence of authorities behind failure of local councils
– Representative of the UNESCO: Making the citizen realize and feel his human status and rights, an introduction for dialogue with the other
– Qadhi al-A'nsi appeals for the release of his son

Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in his article the human fears have increased ever since e he has known the weapons of mass destruction because they kill both the human and the animal and destroy life and environment. Therefore the big powers that possess those lethal weapons are keen to prevent other countries, among them the Islamic countries, from acquiring them under the pretext that those countries and their leaders do not take into consideration the consequences and may be used them in an inhuman way.
When look back to the past we find the United States was and is still using the weapons of mass destruction. It had hit Japan with nuclear bombs in the World War II and it is still developing those weapons to cause mass destruction in limited areas as what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq and before that in Vietnam. All the war fields America has entered were fields for testing its destruction machine. America thinks it has to use whatever it sees suitable and these weapons are for guaranteeing its victory. Before the war on Iraq the Pentagon confirmed that all options were open including the use nuclear and chemical weapon. /the technology of developing the nuclear weapon transferred from one country to another, including Israel that is considered the seminary of tension and aggression in the world and the Israeli nuclear program is under the patronage of America, nevertheless it has not aroused and fuss about it but in the case of Pakistan it ahs made great fuss and the engineer of the Pakistani nuclear bomb has been changed from a national leader to a guilty person begging for kindness and mercy.