Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/714/Press Review]

February 23 2004

19 Feb.2004
Main headlines
– Yemen and Saudi enhance relations
– Water pollution to be discussed in the parliament
– Journalists law postponed
– Detainees against backdrop of selling recordings criticizing the government under interrogation
– Disaster threatening millions; sewage water mingles with Sana'a underground waters
– 7 candidates for chairman, more than sixty the council,
– Intense competition expected in journalists' conference
– Parliament summons Minister of Endowments
– Yemenis in Somalia form a political party
– Women rights in Islam training course, concluded

Columnist Zaid al-Shami has devoted his column to discussing high prices of goods in Yemen saying prices soared and there has been no preservation of promised economic stability, poverty increased and economic sectors have not been motivated as was the promise, and no indicators appeared about raising efficiency of the agricultural sector. And now we longer hear but weak justifications that represent trick of the unable. It has been said the problem lies in the drop of the value of dollar against the euro and here prices of wheat and flour should drop because we import them America and Australia in dollar not in euro. Another justification for the problem of the rise in prices of dairies was attributed to drought that hit Europe, while we are aware that those goods we import from Holland that suffers from increase in water levels. Why then the prices of chicken and eggs were increased? These are produced locally.
Actually we are against an unsound economic policy and a state of arrogance that does not listen to advices of specialists or the opposition. The government is busy in strangling freedoms and confiscating civil society organisations. It is thus very normal to reach at this bas situation and worse of that is not admitting of it.